Reasons To Choose A Bespoke Exhibition Stand From An Agency

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Exhibitions have been recognised as one of the most effective and rewarding marketing channels available to businesses. And your stand at that exhibition will have the most impact of all the branded materials you have on show.

If you have done your research then your chosen exhibition will see significant amounts of foot traffic passing your stand. Those who are passing by will both consciously and unconsciously associate the quality of your stand with the professionalism of your organization and the quality of its products or services.

The most effective way to ensure that your exhibition stand creates the right impression and differentiates your organisation from the competition, you are going to have to go bespoke. The best way to get the results you want is to work closely with an agency that is committed to providing unique and exceptional stands. If you’re in the Hampshire area, contact reputable marketing agencies in Hampshire to help you with your marketing needs.

1. The Importance of Brand Continuity

Although your stand is at a certain place at a certain time, it is representative of your brand ethos. A company that is exclusively dedicated to stand building may seem like the logical choice – but you are not going to get the creativity and expertise that provides the customer (or potential customer) with a cohesive brand experience.

A creative and experienced stand builder will be able to help you answer questions such as which products require positioning and how to convey your marketing message effectively.

Consider the deeper message that your stand will convey. For instance, is your business one that focuses on sustainability? A bespoke exhibition stand will convey that messaging – and the messaging can be made even more effective through the use of technology such as innovative lighting, digital engagement methods, and signage. Even the refreshments you provide passing trade can help to convey a message, as can the raw materials used to construct the stand.

2. Enhancing the Customer Experience

Custom stand design takes into account more than just the appearance of the stand. Stand design should provide an immersive customer experience. The impact of the stand should be apparent to those who are simply passing by. They are presented with smiling faces and staff who are knowledgeable and pleasant. It’s the small things that will contribute to effective interaction with potential clients.

A standard, vanilla stand solution is not designed with the exhibition visitor in mind. A great stand design and creative agency understand how to make your stand more effective through the application of creative out-of-the-box design.

3. Tell Your Story

The idea of ‘storytelling‘ might have been somewhat overused in the marketing field – but the truth of the matter is that stories draw people in – and they humanize a brand. Your stand space provides an opportunity to create a stand that is truly unique – and suited to both the exhibition – and the needs of your potential client base.

There are some business sectors that really focus on this sort of approach. For instance. in the Pharma industry, telling a story is of the utmost importance, otherwise, what’s to differentiate one small white pill from another? Selling that product requires visual excitement – and a way to motivate the buyer to consider the product carefully.

There are other industries that might learn a thing or two from this approach. The automotive or tech industries spring to mid. These are sectors where the products are expected to tell their own story.

4. High Impact Means High Returns

The visual impact of your bespoke stand is extremely important, but it’s the entire experience that will ensure exhibition success. Add to that experience through tactics such as a guest speaker or adding a digital experience to the mix. A professional events agency will always consider how to make the user experience more immersive and enticing. They will go the extra mile to ensure that your stand has a great impact – and serves your company strategy and brand.

5. The Importance of Flexibility

It might be belabouring the obvious, but a bespoke exhibition stand must be flexible. As the owner and operator of the stand, you need to be able to control its impact. That means easy management of lights and colours and much else. Your bespoke stand solution will provide you with the intuitive control that is so essential to stand success.

Working with an experienced agency will allow you to clarify certain considerations that will play an important part in the stand design. For instance, that stand must meet your business brand goals – and an agency partner can ensure that happens as effectively as possible, while at the same time enhancing the visitor experience.

The purpose of having an exhibition stand is to enhance the interaction with stand visitors. In order to make this interaction as rewarding as possible for both parties you need to consider your stand requirements carefully. Of course, you could partner with a creative agency that will make that challenge far easier to overcome.