How People with Disabilities Benefit from Technology

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Supportive technologies can help people with disabilities with their life challenges. Some pioneers have developed innovative solutions that make the everyday tools more accessible than before. So we want to find out where the barriers and difficulties are and how technology can come in to help people with disabilities navigate the world with freedom and where it can also help promote employment for them.

It has been shown that actually technology has become particularly important for children and young people with disabilities who are motivated and already have good digital skills. There are also many compelling reasons for people with disabilities to be technologically mediated in life, for example with tools such as ear devices. You can find out more about such tools at reviews from the US-reviews platform where you will find information on plenty of technology companies that are helping develop this sector and reviews from customers who have already used such devices.

Things that are supposed to help disabled people can also make life easier for people who are not disabled. Artificial Intelligence is not going away and it is being used to help people with disabilities and to minimize discrimination, but still the gap to inclusion remains significant, as you can read in this post by the Center of American Progress.   

The Internet can also have barriers for people with disabilities, but it makes things accessible to people from all walks of life, mainly to those truly needing AT. The bitter irony is that people who are not disabled are beginning to normalize disabilities, and society’s disregard for disabled people is becoming apparent, read this post for more awareness. Unless the current social and technological realities are reconceived, people with disabilities will always face exclusion from core elements of society.               

But what is AT at all? It stands for Assistive Technology which is a machinery that aims to offer its users greater freedom to improve, liberate and reorganize their life disabilities by enabling them to perform everyday activities and integrate improved skills into their daily lives. With technical equipment for individual needs, people can optimize and improve their daily functioning by becoming independent, self-sufficient and self-confident.

Technology can break down the barriers people with disabilities face in their daily lives, such as lack of access to education, health care, employment, housing, transport, education and employment opportunities. Mobile technology in particular offers a wide range of apps and gadgets that can help alleviate the difficulties people with disabilities face on a daily basis.

There are tools, machines and software that help people with disabilities to solve problems related to their particular disability. What is key to breaking down barriers with persons with disabilities is gaining knowledge about their specific needs, such as mobility problems, to know how to deal with infrastructure issues, for example.        

Despite the barriers they face, the Internet is seen by some as having incredible potential for promoting social inclusion for people with disabilities. Smartphones are potentially a powerful tool, but many other technologies have a long way to go before they are really useful for people with disabilities and we can experience a more inclusive society.