How Businesses Can Benefit From Drone Video

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When it comes to exciting new technologies that are reshaping society and business, drone tech must be near the top of disruptive technology. Businesses can leverage drone footage in order to get a competitive advantage. And the uses of this technology are almost limitless. Real Estate agents are using drone video can provide potential property buyers with incredible footage, and businesses looking for that ideal site are using drones to help them with surveys – and make the right decision. In short – using drone footage has a myriad of benefits for businesses in most industries.

Creating Dynamic Content

Using drone footage means that the user is able to leverage that video in any number of creative ways. The footage is shot from every angle – in some cases, viewpoints that were simply not possible with traditional technology. Cameras at the ground level simply cannot match the perspectives that are supplied by a drone. That means your footage shines – it is completely unique, and that appeals to clients – your imaging will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Taking your Business to New Heights

Drone technology breaks the rules – it is the first technology that allows the user to leave one location to explore the possibilities of another – without the hassle. This allows you to leverage a whole new world of opportunities to let your business shine with video taken from on high.

High-Quality Footage that Impresses – and Inspires

Thanks to extremely high frame rates (and HD or UHD resolution) the quality of the video taken by drones boasts incredible clarity and quality. The images are crisp and vibrant – perfect for impressing customers – and building brand loyalty. The video (and still images) can be used on a variety of channels such as your business website, or property listing – and it’s perfect for showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of a property or business.

Video blogs using drones are extremely fun to produce and great content for social media. A commercial videography company will use drones for capturing key content and highlighting key information for audiences.

High Altitude Data

Drones allow for the collection of data at very high altitudes. This makes them invaluable for industries such as agriculture, where that data is used to assist the farmer with crop cycle planning and increasing the yields of his crops. In addition, drone footage can also be sued to survey damage by severe weather – or track the effects of a pest infestation.

Your Business Needs to Stand Out

Drone photography is so impressive that it allows your business to stand out from the crowd. Many businesses have not yet discovered the advantages of drone footage – so your visual offering will be unique, cutting-edge – and effective in positioning your brand as a cut above the competition.

Modern Marketing Practice and Drone Photography

If you are looking to differentiate your business from the competition – or are looking to launch a new product line or enter a new market you have to do everything in your power to get that customer through the metaphorical door. In other words – to take the next step on their purchase journey. Video captured by drones is the ideal way to set your company apart from the ‘also rans’.

Drone footage can be used in a number of ways, both online and offline. Use the footage on social media, and your company website, or use it to bolster local SEO efforts or in online ads, or even on local TV. The possibilities are almost endless. Your customers and potential customers can also view the footage from any computer or smart device – including mobile phones, so you reach your customer where they are – and when they want to view content.

On your Marks, Get Ready, and Shoot!

Setting up a drone for video is remarkably easy – and shooting the required footage should not present many challenges to someone with a bare minimum of technical knowledge. However, if you really want footage that will get the job done, then get a professional on board. it’s quicker – and the results are bound to shine – and these professionals will ensure that the entire shoot goes off safely and without any problems.

Take the Next Step

There are almost too many benefits to drone video to mention – but the fact is that it can help to grow your business. Understanding how this sort of video can help your organisation is the challenge.

Drones are fast becoming indispensable for the shooting of marketing material – and as a way of providing video that attracts new customers – and keeps the existing client base coming back for more. Don’t ignore this technology – leverage it.