Advantages And Disadvantages Of Becoming A Digital Marketer

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Online presence is more important than ever which is why prospects for digital marketing roles seem to be veering toward the higher side. Since most of the activities involved with these jobs are easy to do from home, this may be the ideal time for you to get involved in a position that involves freelance digital marketing. Similar to any other position, freelance work comes with its own set of pros and cons. This guide will cover a few of the important advantages and disadvantages to give you a clearer idea of whether freelancing is something you would be interested in.

Advantages Of Becoming A Freelance Digital Marketer

Over the last few years, freelancing interest has steadily risen, for very good reasons. Digital marketing is one of the broader sectors with very diverse channels in this field. In the role of a freelancer, there are different areas to explore, depending on what you are interested in. Whether you specialize in search engine optimization, brand management, content creation, or advertising, it is highly likely that you will find the perfect niche within the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing is so diverse since it offers many career paths to choose from, while freelancing provides even more benefits. Here is a breakdown of a few important pros.

Flexibility And Independence

Freelancing involves a lot of independence, which means you choose when you would like to work, where you would like to work, and the type of projects you would like to work on. Freelancing offers flexibility in regard to the projects you take on, how many hours you spend on the project, and a lot more ‘wriggle room’ when it comes to scheduling. If you have kids, you’re busy studying, or you already working for a company, freelancing often provides professional flexibility.


Freelance digital marketing offers a way to explore a host of projects from a range of different clients. When you decide to go on your own, you get to experiment with many different niches, and different industry types, and get to find out more about clients and customers across a variety of sectors. While it may seem daunting to try out new niches, it is often exhilarating once you get started. At the same time, freelancers get to set a pace of their choosing in association with workloads.

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Disadvantages Of Becoming A Freelance Digital Marketer

While it may be appealing for a lot of people to become their own boss along with other benefits such as flexibility, variety, and professional independence, there are a few cons to choosing the role of a freelance digital marketer.

A Diminished Face-to-Face Community

Even though some people prefer the peace and quiet of working alone and from any location, others may miss the social interactions of working with others in person. Digital marketing is one of those roles that are easy to perform virtually, with video-conferencing platforms that have drastically enhanced the way people can now connect online (life). But for certain individuals, when a face-to-face community is lacking, this can become a significant downside to their freelance work.

Constantly Having To Hustle

When working for a ‘regular’ job (a nine-to-five), there is predictability in regard to when you need to be at work, the boss you are working for, along with where you will perform your role. While this might feel very confining to certain people, this type of reliability also offers security. When you are your own boss, you will have to learn to hustle in order to maintain a consistent flow of cash.

Bouncing from one client or project to the next is one of the best ways to generate a diverse and attractive portfolio, yet it can also become nerve-wracking when you don’t know where your next paycheck is going to come from. Due to this, a lot of freelance digital marketers often find it hard to relax since they are always competing with others for the next gig.


Freelancing hustles are also associated with stiff competition. In many instances, freelancers need to work very hard to prove they have the skills and experience for a job. Having to consistently prove yourself could be very challenging. Building your experience and skills rather than working for a large agency or with a team, can also take money and time.